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TrustedDeveloper CertificationHere are the frequently asked questions about our platform. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us through hey@zylyty.com. If you have suggestions and would like to partner with us, we are happy to discuss further! Come and join this movement helping Software Developers to show their best ZYLYTY!
  • What is ZYLYTY? ZYLYTY is the best platform at separating the best Software Developers from the rest! ZYLYTY is a platform that tests software developers' abilities through Coding and System Design Challenges. Our automated evaluation system allows for an objective assessment of your coding skills, providing valuable feedback for continuous improvement. ZYLYTY aims to be an innovative tool in connecting talented developers with potential employers, enhancing visibility and recognition in the tech community.
  • What's the difference between a Coding Challenge and a System Design Challenge? The difference between a code challenge and a system design challenge lies in the breadth and depth of skills they assess. Code challenges focus on writing efficient code to solve specific problems using algorithms and data structures. In contrast, system design challenges encompass these elements and extend to evaluating architectural design, scalability, security, deployment considerations, database interaction, and real-world use case scenarios. The following table outlines these differences, demonstrating how system design challenges provide a more comprehensive evaluation.
  • How do I participate? To participate in ZYLYTY, simply registering with your email and password.
  • Who can participate? We are open to all. Anyone can participate in the challenge.
  • Why ZYLYTY? ZYLYTY addresses a crucial need in the tech industry: the objective and standardized assessment of software developers' skills. Traditional evaluation methods (simple code puzzles and quizzes) can be subjective, inconsistent and incomplete at evaluating your skills, making it difficult for recruiters to identify your true talent. ZYLYTY's coding challenges consist of end-to-end solutions, which are designed to reflect real-world scenarios that developers frequently encounter. This approach not only helps developers showcase their technical prowess but also encourages continuous learning and improvement. By participating in ZYLYTY challenges, developers gain the opportunity to distinguish themselves in a competitive job market, while companies benefit from a reliable benchmark to identify and recruit top tech talent.
  • What if I don't take the challenge? If you decide to skip the challenge, no sweat! There's absolutely nothing bad coming your way. But just so you know, a bunch of folks are diving into these challenges, getting their skills noticed, and kinda zooming ahead in the tech race. It's all about grabbing those opportunities and shining, but hey, it's your call! No pressure.
  • What does ZYLYTY mean? ZYLYTY is the slang word for “Crazy Ability” and it's specially used by software developers like you to express your talents to deliver awesome software solutions.
  • What's ZYLYTY score? We created this platform to allow a standard way to compare software developers’ tech skills and provide a score which can be shared.
  • How does ZYLYTY.com work? We created coding challenges to test your coding skills! When you're ready to take the challenge, you'll be given instructions and a couple of days to complete it. Then, you'll be given a score based on your coding skills which are evaluated using standard metrics that can be compared to other developers.
  • Why should I do this challenge? With our prestigious certificate you'll be able to show it when applying to jobs, you can also share it on your Social Media Platforms and get noticed. Now more than ever, companies seek quality tech profiles, however it is incredibly hard to assess candidates qualities in a scientific and simple way. ZYLYTY scores allows companies to have a good base for comparing experience among candidates.
  • What's the tech stack? For the challenge you can use Python, JavaScript, .NET, Kotlin, Java, PHP, etc. We will be adding more programming languages in the future!
  • How difficult are the challenges? We design the challenges as complete as possible and so it’s expected for them to have a some level of complexity! No challenge is created equal, so it is unlikely that any given developer will receive the same challenge as another. We want you to have fun by solving a good problem!
  • How often can I take the challenge? Every 3 months you’ll be able to take the challenge - as so, we incentivize you to do the best you can in each take!
  • For how long is my ZYLYTY certificate valid? Your certificate will be valid for 1 year since the date you took the challenge.
  • Can I have a 2nd chance? Yes but only after 3 months! Whatever score you get after completing the challenge will be your score for the next 3 months, so be careful and make sure you submit a quality solution!
  • What if I don't deliver? You will be given a set amount of days to complete the challenge. If you are unable to complete it, then you will get no score and you’ll need to wait 3 months to be able to take the challenge again.
  • Can I share my certificate? Absolutely yes! The whole goal is for you to share it with HR when applying to jobs, or sharing it on your favorite social media platforms so that your talent gets noticed!

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